Keeping Your Dog Active with Dog Agility Training

After you tackle the obedience training, you can head over to dog agility training. It’s a great way for you to bond with your dog. The whole premise behind agility training is to help your dog navigate through and master all the obstacles they encounter. You want your dog to do this under your command and under control with you as the boss.

Jumping is a basic part of agility in which you give your dog a command and have them jump over a hurdle. Starting out this should be done with your dog on a lead until your dog understands what is happening.

Starting out with the training on easy obstacles can be a great way to help keep your dog active as well as reinforce the obedience training. After your dog gets the feel for the obstacle you can raise the height if you want to.

Scaling is another important thing to master in agility training. The purpose of scaling is to teach your dog to navigate obstacles that are too high for them to jump through.

You should really start agility training when your dog is young to make it easier for them and you to learn. As your dog understands and gets the feeling for it they will be successful with it.

As they get older they can start to have issues with their joints. Don’t get me wrong, agility is great exercise and a great way to bond with your dog but joint problems do creep up as they get older.

One great way to handle this is to get a glucosamine supplement to help them with their joints. There are a ton of them out on the market today, so finding the best glucosamine for your dog can be sometimes difficult.